Greg Foletta - Technical Articles

A melange of networking, data science and programming.

  • Whitespacer

    A few weeks ago I was analysing some packet captures and thanking the RFC gods that HTTP - and many other protocols - use ASCII/UTF-8 rather than packing everything into binary.

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  • What the #!

    Working with computers you take a lot for granted. You assume your press of the keyboard will bubble up through the kernel to your terminal, your HTTP request will remain intact after travelling halfway across the globe, and that your stream of a cat video will be decoded and rendered on your screen.

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  • A Bit on the Nose

    I’ve never been particularly interested in horse racing, but I married into a family that loves it. Each in-law has their own ideas and combinations of factors that lead them to bet on a particular horse.

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  • AFL Bets - Analysing the Halftime Payout

    If you’ve watched AFL over the past few years, you would have noticed betting companies spruiking a cornucopia of betting options. In fact it would be hard for you not to notice, given the way they yell at you down the television screen.

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  • Simulating Snakes and Ladders

    For the past couple of months my family and I - like the rest of the world - have been in isolation due to the coronavirus. My eldest son Ned is 5 years old and is interested in games and puzzles at moment, so these have been a key tool in reducing the boredom of lockdown.

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  • Packet Analysis with R (Part 1)

    As a network security consultant I’ve spent a my fair share of time trawling through packet captures, looking for that clue or piece of evidence I hope will lead me to the root cause of a problem.

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