Greg Foletta - Technical Articles

A melange of networking, data science and programming.

  • A Bit on the Nose

    I’ve never been particularly interested in horse racing, but I married into a family that loves it. Each in-law has their own ideas and combinations of factors that lead them to bet on a particular horse.

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  • AFL Bets - Analysing the Halftime Payout

    If you’ve watched AFL over the past few years, you would have noticed betting companies spruiking a cornucopia of betting options. In fact it would be hard for you not to notice, given the way they yell at you down the television screen.

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  • Simulating Snakes and Ladders

    For the past couple of months my family and I - like the rest of the world - have been in isolation due to the coronavirus. My eldest son Ned is 5 years old and is interested in games and puzzles at moment, so these have been a key tool in reducing the boredom of lockdown.

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  • Packet Analysis with R (Part 1)

    As a network security consultant I’ve spent a my fair share of time trawling through packet captures, looking for that clue or piece of evidence I hope will lead me to the root cause of a problem.

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